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Herner & Dunn

Colored Gemstones,
& Pearls

At Herner & Dunn, a gem's allure can wordlessly captivate its beholder. Bewitchingly individual, the beauty of each variety unveils an intricate blending of both nature and art's most wonderful attributes.

Dazzling combinations of chemical elements, the precious star stuff hidden within Earth's most volatile depths, once withstood the unlikely conditions required to form crystalline pebbles. Compelled by the universal laws of attraction, breathtaking atomic symmetry flourished into prismatic treasures. Most examples lie in obscurity for millions of years. Only chance brings an opportunity for these lustrous stones to surface in the care of human hands.

Once their ascent to our world is complete, these exceptional materials take on new life as they're introduced to light, their most fated companion. Each expression plays with a sunbeam in its own way, visually revealing hints of its elemental intricacy through a personal display of colors, textures, or phenomenal illusions. These rugged crystals capture the vivacity of the rainbow, echoing the pure beauty of inescapable hues within the palm of your hand.

Quietly hiding resplendent possibilities beneath their rough surfaces, divinity blends into the tangible as each bijou figure is assessed by adept eyes. A keen understanding of how to harness each gem's light-bending properties is required to expose the best of its remarkable potential through faceting. While simultaneously respecting the finery's physical restraints, deftly calculated arrangements of angled facets are placed, one by one, to form a precise geometry of polished surfaces.

When perfected, the resulting gemstone blazes with a magnificence rarely obtained in our cosmos – The fruition of nature's untamed bidding and man's determination to honor it.

Herner and Dunn

Exclusive Guidance

Members of the Herner & Dunn team of are seasoned gemologists, trained and certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). A high regard for the nuances between individual diamond, colored gemstone, and pearl specimens provides the defining factor in securing an intelligent acquisition. A gem's color, clarity, cut quality, carat weight, overall character, treatments, certification, and other subtle trade factors influence value in an ever-changing market.

We joyously invite you to partake in Herner & Dunn's procurement process through personal consultation, attuned education, and private viewings.