Herner & Dunn
Herner & Dunn


The concepts realized by Herner & Dunn are each borne from a desire to share the luminous whims of the visceral world. The adaptation of emotion into a tactile entity fulfills the inherent calling of an artist.

The supple poetry of colors, dissolving the boundaries of language while transcending the limitations of time, quietly permeate the human soul. Evolved to frolic with the eye, the spectrum of hues flood the senses to reveal an unspoken form of awareness. Elusively untouchable, yet vividly real, color emboldens the release of societal restraints and in their place, encourages the child-like ability of wonderment. It is the antiquated medium of the artistic, whose expressive insights can rouse a kinship among both friend and foe.

The delicacy of the bejeweled epitomizes the splendor of those colors. Within, the balanced movement of oceanic depths, the rhythm of sundown's heavenly glow, and the unity held by the lithely forest becomes entangled with the senses of the spirit. The impact of joy, courage, love, serenity, curiosity, and delight can be seemingly captured inside the combination of gleaming facets and the contoured surfaces of precious metals.

When ornamental design is helmed by those devoted to creative elegance, a simplistic bauble can transform into a tapestry of art. Fluid composition, effective contrast, and gilded textures further emphasize the marvelous intuitions of the mind. The stirrings of life can be visually read by the curious witness - Each garners a private understanding of the composer's implicit message, yet finds their own sense of meaning within the precious display of artistry.

Herner and Dunn


Creations by the Herner & Dunn team have been internationally celebrated by the American Gem Trade Association, Gemvision, the Cultured Pearl Association of America, MJSA (Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America), the Women's Jewelry Association, Johnson Matthey NY, Cirio Maison, INSTORE/INDESIGN and others.